In order to serve you better, Electromag is committed to the following 10 points:

1. Be at your service

One of the founding principles of Electromag has always been listening to our clients. It’s our raison d’être – we constantly strive to adapt to and meet your needs by providing you with innovative products and a high level of service.

2. Innovate for you

Today, all technical companies claim to be innovative. But innovation only makes sense for concrete applications that correspond to market needs. To meet this objective, Electromag focuses on applied research, collaborates with elite schools and universities, and is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and ways to add value.

3. Never stop pushing the limits

In our industry, you can’t make compromises. We need to constantly push the limits. That’s why our engineers prefer to focus on R&D and our teams of developers constantly strive to improve our production capacity.

4. Optimise the production system

The difference between a research laboratory and an innovative company like Electromag lies in our ability to always meet market expectations. So that we can cater to your needs, we have automated our processes, implemented lean manufacturing techniques, and created production lines.

5. Get employees involved

Because Electromag is a human-sized company, it is flexible and responsive—meaning it can easily adapt to the scope of your project. Since the company was founded, we have not stopped developing, so as to better meet our clients’ needs. To get our employees fully involved, we instil a high level of quality awareness for all, promoting versatility and training.

6. Get suppliers and subcontractors involved

Studies show that the environment in which a business evolves is a key factor in its performance. That’s why we pay special attention to our suppliers and subcontractors. To optimise the work we do together, we have implemented a training system and we closely monitor their performances and regularly inform them of our needs.

7. Be responsible

Aware of today’s challenges, Electromag is environmentally responsible; all of our motors are high-performance products that optimise energy consumption.

8. Be specialised

Electromag has acquired and developed true expertise in the medical market and is a recognised, high-profile partner for many leaders in the sector.

9. Adapt to your needs

Because our company distinguished itself in niche sectors for very specific applications, we are able to adapt to all types of requests and expand our services for all types of applications.

10. Continuously improve

The company’s continuous improvement is the result of all the points mentioned previously. This means our clients are guaranteed constant re-assessment. We also abide by certain golden rules: “seize every opportunity for improvement”, “make and rapidly implement suggestions”, “use the Kaizen approach”, “adapt our operation to client needs”, “adopt an on-the-ground approach”.