Electromag is an SME composed of dynamic employees all with a strong customer orientation.

Thomas Borter
Head of Sales and Marketing

EPFL Engineer with more than 18 years' experience in development of business partnerships, namely in the field of medical devices.
Tel : +41 21 694 25 00

Julien Ballif
Manufacturing and Process Development Manager

EPFL Engineer, specialist in electric motors and production technology.
Tel : +41 21 694 1602

Luc Burdet
Product Development Manager

EPFL Engineer-Doctor, specialist in magnetic circuits and finite element modelling.
Tel : +41 21 694 1605

Victor César
Supply Chain Manager

Diploma of Advanced Studies, Strategic Management in Purchasing, Logistics and Procurement. Several years' experience in the field of precision micromechanics.
Tel : +41 21 694 2501

Isabelle Mileci
Accounting and Human Ressources Manager

Graduate accountant with extensive experience among SMEs.
Tel : +41 21 694 1603

Vincent Comte
General Manager

Entrepreneur and engineer with more than 25 years' experience in technology of electronically commutated motors acquired in Europe, USA and Asia.
Tel : +41 21 694 1601