BLDC motors for critical care & sub-acute ventilation

Brushless motors able to resist very high accelerations and decelerations
Motors with extremely high levels of reliability at high speeds


BROCHURE - Motor solutions for medical blowers (PDF / 1MB)

The motors used in intensive care applications develop power ranging from 50 and 120 watts. These motors allow the ventilator to reach pressure of up to 110 mbar.

The size of the mechanical and electrical components of these motors must ensure sudden acceleration and deceleration phases, while maintaining high efficiency, in order to limit overheating.

Electromag motors feature internal protection devices allowing them to operate continuously when oxygen is present, with no risk of damage. As an option, they can be equipped with a thermal resistor (NTC) for continuous monitoring of the motor's internal temperature, in order to detect any anomalies.

The motors offer very low vibration levels and operate noiselessly over the entire range of speeds.

Thanks to their reliable and proven mechanical construction, they have been used successfully for several years in a large number of intensive care ventilator programmes.